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We have different types of fowl, Perfection Greys, Bob Bennett Greys, Bob Benntett Blueface Hatch, CC Kelsos' and two breeds of Warhorse with Hopkinson and the original Black Devil Bloodlines.  Some of our Perfection Grey Cocks come with 90% peacomb, average weight 5-5 1/2 pounds, hens come dark grey or buttermilk.  We breed both pure and crossed. 


 Perfection Greys

Perfection Grey

The Pefection Grey Old English were bred extensively in Cornwell, England, as long ago as the early 1800's. They were not recognized as a variety in the United States until the 1930's.  Vintage Perfection Greys Old English from J.D. Perry were used primarily for crossing to Lacy Roundhead. J.D. called them the Perfect Chickens. Ned Stroud of Georgia acquired his Vintage Perfection Greys from J.D., and I acquired my stock from Ned.  Perfection Greys mature at six pounds for cocks and around four pounds for hens. They are very quick and active, foraging widely if allowed to run. With their striking black and white markings and green colored legs, they are one of the most beautiful of our rare varieties. The skin is yellow and the breast is plump like wild game birds. Hens lay tinted eggs and are good setters. Baby chicks are marked with mostly light and dark stripes. Young birds should be allowed to molt one time before showing.  Color of the Cock - Comb: Red (should be dubbed), single, medium size - Head: Creamy white - Neck: Creamy white - Back: Creamy white - Tail: Black - Wings - shoulders, Front, Bows: Black - Breast: Black - Undercolor: Black - Legs: Green   Color of Hen - Comb: Red, single, medium size - Head: Ashy gray Neck, hackle: Ashy gray - Back: Ashy gray - Tail: Black - Wings - shoulders, Fronts, Bows: Deep gray - Breast: Gray - Undercolor: Gray - Legs: Green.  The Perfection Greys Old English are excellent show birds. Healthy, well bred fowl are smart, side stepping, high breaking, hard shuffling. For show I find them hard to beat.


Bob Bennet Greys

Bob Bennet Grey

Our Bob Bennet Greys are good natured, very game. They are always 100% Straight Comb. They cross well with almost anything.

Bob Bennet Blueface Hatch
Bob Bennet Blueface

We also breed Bob Bennett Blueface. This cock has never been shown but he is in perfect shape, still in the molt a little but will make a fine feathered cock. He is game to the core, a very strong fowl. Proven so theres no guess in what he will throw. 


 CC Kelso's

CC Kelso


Walter Kelso, who died in 1964, fought his cocks under the entry name of Oleander-a type of flowering shrub that grows profusely in the semi-tropical climate of his home on Galveston Island, Texas. In the heyday of the pure old-time strains Kelso was a maverick. His Oleander cocks were simply a succession of battle crosses. For example, when John Madigin died in 1942, Kelso and Bill Japhet inherited all of his Clarets, Madigin Grays, and Texas Rangers.  Most any breeder would do anything in his power to keep the stock pure. However, Kelso wrote, "I immediately began infusing new blood in the Madigin hens." Kelso obtained his brood cocks from other breeders after he saw the cock fight. He was more interested in performance than he was the name of the strain. He would mate the new cock to a sister of his best pit cocks. If the cross was successful, he would add other sisters to the pen.  More often than not, the pen produced worthless offspring and the cock was discarded. At any rate, that was the method used to produce the Out-and-Out Kelso family that is still the foundation stock for many of the best winning cocks fought in the major pits today. The Out-and-Out Kelso family was so-called because they were marked in the outside web of both feet. The cocks are generally black breasted reds (ranging from a deep mahogany to light reds) with their white or yellow legs and pea or straight comb. 

Black Japs


Ghan Asil's


Minor Blues


Pure Ramuri's Asil's


Bobbie Fairchild Grey's


Pure Sonatol Asil's


Dom Shamo Asil's


Original Warhorse, The Black Devil Bloodlines


Our Warhorse are out of the original warhorse cock him self.  They inherited the family trait when Hogshead purchased them he renamed them the Black Devils, but when Higging bought them from Hogshead he called them the warhorses again.  He then bred them into his Allen Round Heads and called them the Pea Headed Black Devils.  The family I have came from 7 people to me, straight from the original Sherron Wahorse's. I just call them the original warhorses since only one man changed the name of the strain and he did not breed any thing into them. I did the researched and track down this information to verify it as well as verifying that fact that he just changed their name.  So I reckon that every old timer that buys one from me says that they are the purest thing they have seen since they disappeared over 60 years ago.

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